I have been driving for nearly 28 years, and I am passionate about all aspects of driving and riding with a love of cars, lorries and motorbikes that goes back many years.

I have driven many vehicles in my time, and a lot of that experience has been gained whilst serving in the armed forces, driving in all sorts of terrain and conditions.

I am a keen motorcyclist and have ridden motorcycles since my teens. I have seen many changes on the roads over the years, and know driving is not just about learning to pass your test. It is about taking those core skills with you once you have passed your test, developing them continuously, which will in time help you to become a confident but very safe driver of the future.

After being involved in a serious non fault road traffic collision in 2005 whilst on active service in the armed forces, I never thought I would have the confidence to ever get in a car again let alone sit behind the wheel of one. However, with driving being one of the things in life I love the most, and the thing that gave me my independence I was not going to give up that easily. So, bit by bit I persevered, and here I am in 2022 with even more patience, understanding and life experience than I had before.

Therefore in 2016 I decided to embark on a whole new career, and with driving being my main passion what better path to go down than train to become a driving instructor. I have to say it has been one of the most hardest, challenging but rewarding things I have done to date.

So now here I am, and with that experience, very tough training, vast amounts of patience and understanding. I hope I can help many other people achieve their dream, and give them a lifetime of independence, and happy safe motoring. ​

Further Development 

After passing my first DVSA standards check first time in June 2019, i have now decided to further my training and experience. So i will be working with the IAM, (Institute of Advance Motorist ) to extend my qualifications and areas of teaching practice. 

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